with Zion, Tribu and Joyriders


Coach: Zion Freefly, Tribu & Joyriders

Group Size: 5 Beginner  - 6 intermediate - 6 advanced

Level: All

Dates: 27th - 28th /2 days(Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced available)

            29th - 31th /3 days (Beginner & Intermediate)

            3rd - 5th (Beginner & Intermediate)


Cost: $255 for the 3 day camp

          $170 for the 2 day camp


These camps are designed for small group progression, no matter what level you are at we will find the right group for you. Our angle camps have been the most popular so we have decided to run them throughout the whole event, so just pick the dates you want and get some serious wind in your face… Zoom Zoom

Beginner camp:

This camp will focus on the basic skills for tracking and angle flying:

- Angle flying safety

- Basic body positions for angle flying

- Approaching a formation and flying on level

If you have experienced angle flying/ tracking but haven’t mastered the ability to fly on level and in hand's reach of the leader, this camp is for you.

Intermediate camp:

This camp will accommodate flyers who are able to fly on level and in close proximity to the formation, but want to improve their skills when it comes to steeper angles, faster speeds and sharper turns. In this camp we will also introduce the basics of dynamic flying including transitions, carving and upright angles. 

Advanced camp:
So you are comfortable doing both belly and back flying in slot on most angles and speeds? Really hone in your skill here with increased complexity, speed and power in this Advanced angles camp 


Beginner camp:  Min 150 Jumps, able to fly angles safely and in control with groups of at least 5 people. If you have below 150 jumps, or do not meet the below requirements please contact us for more personalized coaching. As we can provide this in even smaller groups too.

Intermediate camp: Angle flying experience in a 6 way formation on level and with close proximity to the leader.

Advanced Camp: 
Can fly belly and back in slot, do transitions and fly head up angles in quatdrant. 

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